Savor the essence of Spanish elegance with our exquisite selection of olives, each variety offering a unique taste of the Mediterranean. Our Green Pitted Olives are a bright, verdant treasure, plucked and pitted with care to bring you the crisp, fresh flavor that’s as versatile as it is delightful. Perfect for enhancing salads, martinis, or serving as a succulent snack, these olives embody the vibrant spirit of Spanish groves.

The Black Pitted Olives, are a testament to the sun-soaked soils of Spain. Each olive offers a smooth, rich taste that’s both nuanced and comforting, ideal for adding depth to your culinary creations or enjoying as a sophisticated standalone treat. Their pitted convenience makes them a seamless addition to any dish, inviting a touch of Mediterranean luxury to your table.

Completing our trio are the Black Sliced Olives, meticulously sliced to bring ease and elegance to your kitchen. These slices are the perfect blend of convenience and flavor, ready to be scattered atop pizzas, folded into pastas, or nestled within sandwiches for that perfect olive essence. Their lush, savory profile makes every meal a celebration of Spanish craftsmanship.

Explore our collection of Spanish olives and let each variety whisk you away to the sun-drenched landscapes of Spain, where the simple pleasure of a perfect olive can elevate the everyday into the extraordinary.

All our products are available as part of a mixed full pallet. Where possible we prefer to keep to full layers of products to aid stability of pallet transport. We are able to place on top of the pallet smaller quantities of items without any issues. There is no minimum order value, our only minimum is that of a full pallet being despatched. We can despatch less than a full pallet if needed, however there would be a variable delivery charge depending on area and amount of product on pallet.

Our aim is to make your ordering process as easy as possible and we will always work with customers by advising of any alterations to pallet makeup to meet minimum order quantities before despatching items.

If you have any special requests we will always try to meet those as part of our remit to meet and exceed customer expectations wherever possible.