Explore our exquisite range of rice, each variety carefully selected to bring unique textures and flavours to your table, making every meal an occasion.

Our Easy Cook Long Grain Rice is the epitome of convenience without compromise on quality. Perfectly crafted to remain fluffy and separate after cooking, it’s ideal for busy weeknights and delicious stir-fries, providing a neutral base that pairs well with any dish.

The Basmati Rice in our collection is a true jewel, renowned for its aromatic fragrance and delicate, fluffy grains that elongate when cooked. It’s the perfect choice for traditional Indian recipes, pilafs, or any dish where a fragrant touch enhances the meal.

Jasmine Rice, with its slightly sticky texture and a sweet, buttery scent, is essential for authentic Southeast Asian dishes. Its tender grains absorb flavours beautifully, making it an excellent companion for everything from Thai curries to sweet coconut desserts.

Our Round Grain Rice is specially suited for dishes requiring a creamier texture, such as risottos and rice puddings. This rice absorbs liquids and flavours well, ensuring creamy, comforting dishes that are rich in taste.

Wholegrain Rice offers a nuttier, more textured alternative, rich in natural fibres and essential nutrients. It’s perfect for health-conscious meals, serving as a hearty base for salads, bowls, or as a wholesome side.

Our Basmati and Wild Rice blend brings a luxurious mix of textures and flavours. The slender grains of Basmati paired with the earthy, toothsome wild rice create a striking dish, perfect for special occasions or to elevate everyday meals.

Each type of rice in our collection offers distinct qualities, ensuring you can find the perfect match for any recipe, cuisine, or occasion. Discover the diverse world of rice and let these grains inspire your culinary adventures.

All our products are available as part of a mixed full pallet. Where possible we prefer to keep to full layers of products to aid stability of pallet transport. We are able to place on top of the pallet smaller quantities of items without any issues. There is no minimum order value, our only minimum is that of a full pallet being despatched. We can despatch less than a full pallet if needed, however there would be a variable delivery charge depending on area and amount of product on pallet.

Our aim is to make your ordering process as easy as possible and we will always work with customers by advising of any alterations to pallet makeup to meet minimum order quantities before despatching items.

If you have any special requests we will always try to meet those as part of our remit to meet and exceed customer expectations wherever possible.